SIN, DEX The Little Herberts
Barbara and Barry look after a mysterious site with a strange obelisk at its central point. They are joined one day by a group of young archaeologists who, in the process of their digging, scraping and brushing, unlock a secret underworld of water, wellingtons and wizardry where a strange woman washes weapons in a river. Soon the young archaeologists abandon their digging in order to etch their strange discoveries on the walls of the site. They leave their marks which will soon disappear forever as the developers move in with their monolithic diggers.

Sin, Dex (left, right) an integrated arts project for young people based on archaeology and The Lunt Fort, Baginton.

Using the starting point of an archaeological dig the young people and professional artists explorde the secrets held within the Lunt Fort Site, Baginton near Coventry During the summer of 2003 they excavated the beginnings of a performance/installation which will come to fruition in April 2004.

The areas of exploration include: Roman and Celtic mythology, rituals and celebrations
The idea of occupation/the Roman army/invader/foreigner Boudicca's revolt
Health and Safety - an inevitable given due to the constraints place on the project by many rules surrounding working with children outdoors. Rather than make an issue or problem out of it - we decided to embrace the issues and weave them into the fabric of the piece.

Sin Dex brings the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears into a murder mystery arena and the world of an ancient goddess. The disappearance of a group of British Columbian archaeologists marks a journey into the underworld, a strange encounter with an ancient goddess guarded by The Mark Fishermen and the resurrection of a lost legion come to reclaim their caravan.

17 and 18 April 2004. The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry
August 2003 at The Lunt Fort Baginton, October 2003 at Draper's Hall Coventry, January to March 2004 at The Herbert and Whitefriars Monastery, April 7 2004 exhibition opens in Gallery 5

Coventry Arts and Heritage, Heart of England, Arts Council England


The company

Project Directors
Carran Waterfield
Richard Talbot

Guest Artists:
Annette Loose
Paul Matosic

Richard Talbot - Barry
Carran Waterfield - Barbara

Paul Matosic and The Little Herberts

Richard Talbot
Carran Waterfield

Video/Photography/installation projection
Richard Talbot
The Little Herberts

The Little Herberts
Charley Rose Borgeat
Olivia Borgeat
Jodie Brown
Jacob Caulfield
Chrysten Colver
Alex Davies
Paige Dennis
Tia Dolan
Tom Dolan
Jack Fellows
Esme Finch
Paige Finch
Saffron Fletcher
Harry Goodwin
Jo Green
Tom Green
Holly Harrison
Lucy Hobday
Sam Hobday
Caitlin Kelly
Nathanial Kent
Simeon Kent
Ellie May Littlewood
Bella Martin-Williams
Abigail Moseley
Adam Peckham
Charlotte Ravenhall
Jordan Reading
Rebecca Sprigg
Clara Sprules
Gemma Sprules
Arthur Stanley
Alisha Turley
Gemma Turley
Robbie Walker
Jack Waterfield
James Waterfield
Joseph Waterfield
Laura Weaver
Elliot Wilkins
Jasper Wilkins
Cheryl Williams
Lauren Williams