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The Last Women

WMD is part of Triangle's new project The Last Women in development throughout 2008. Please contact Triangle to be placed on mailing list for future events.

The Last Women and the Centre for the History of Medicine University of Warwick


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Triangle was established by performer-writer-director Carran Waterfield in 1988. Under her artistic direction the company has been making cutting-edge performance exness download work for nineteen years.

Its award-winning productions are firmly based on personal stories and investigations into infamous stories some of which are rooted in the city of Coventry.

The universal resonance of these stories has ensured that this work has been presented across the world. Triangle has worked in Europe, Africa, America and Australia.

While Triangle is renowned for honest and brave solo exness download pc productions (Fringe First, Independent Theatre Award, Most Outstanding Performance/Best Actress Volgograd Festival of Experimental Theatre), the company has gained national recognition for its museum work winning, amongst others, the Museums and Heritage Awards for Excellence in 2005.

" There is a quality in it which belongs unmistakably to your artistic vision. You embody a story which is deeply rooted in the reality and darkness of your experience and you develop it into a sensorial metaphor which hits my senses and mind as spectator. The care for detail, the concision of the scenes and the "leaping" dramaturgical structure reveal a mastery of your means of expression as actors who know the science of self-directing."


"At a time when so much theatre is bland and safe. Triangle's 20th century fairy tale is a dense, sometimes difficult but rewardingly rich piece of visual theatre as well as an exorcism of demons"


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