DUGOUT! The Little Herberts
Dug Out! - a unique film/theatre experience

"You have to be really brave to do it."

"I was scared at first in the air raid, I was starting to act scared and then I really started crying, thinking it was real." Ellie May, aged 7.

"I think you really captured it, it was very frightening " Mary Wade, aged 69.

A stirring documentary using a controversial method of film making to capture children's emotions as they recreate a war time experience.

Follow children as they endure a Home Front Training Camp led by the eccentric Whissell and Williams from the Ministry of Information.

This film explores a comical and moving child's perspective on war, peace, survival and propaganda. Produced by The Little Herberts aged 6-14, under the guidance of theatre/film practitioners Richard Talbot and Carran Waterfield, using original World War 2 memories and artefacts from the Coventry Blitz.

The film is introduced by "Whissell and Williams from the Ministry of Information". The screening is followed by a round table discussion with the artists and The Little Herberts who created the film.

Funded by Arts Council England (West Midlands), Coventry Arts and Heritage and Screen West Midlands.

2.30 PM 2 January 2004. Warwick Arts Centre Cinema, COVENTRY


Transit Festival, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark
24 January 2004

Birmingham Screen Festival 5.45pm 10 March 2004 UGC Cinema, Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, COVENTRY
8.45am 6 April 2004 (private screening)

August 2002, October 2002, February 2003, April 2003
Film work April - October 2003

Total Theatre Autumn 2003
Feature article by Jessica Naish

Regional Arts Lottery Programme, Coventry City Council, Screen West Midlands, Arts Council England and Film Council

Video or DVD available at £10 - all proceeds go towards the work of The Little Herberts
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The company

Project Directors
Richard Talbot
Carran Waterfield

Theatre Artists:
Ian Cameron - Graham Sutherland
Richard Talbot - Mr Whissell
Carran Waterfield - Mrs Williams

Museum Artists:
Paul Thompson - Sergeant West
Robin Johnson - Mr Johnson
Eric Hodgkins - Ernest Wilson
Sandra Asquith - Coventry Archives

The company of children
Charley-Rose Borgeat
Jodie Brown
Melissa Campbell
Jacob Caulfield
Mitchell Connolly
Alex Davis
Paige Dennis
Tom Dolan
Jack Fellows
Esme Finch
Paige Finch
Saffron Fletcher
Joe Green
Anna Heffernan
Lucy Hobday
Sam Hobday
Caitlin Kelly
Ellie-May Littlewood
Bella Martin-Williams
Alex McGowan
Rosa Parker
Katie Payne
Charlotte Ravenhall
Alisha Turley
Gemma Turley
Levi Vince
Jack Waterfield
James Waterfield
Joseph Waterfield
Elliott Wilkins
Jasper Wilkins
Cheryl Williams

The company

Richard Talbot
Carran Waterfield

James Lantsbery
Various 40s

Richard Talbot
Carran Waterfield
The Little Herberts